About Lo Rey Du Lac

You’ve been dreaming of sleep in an unusual accommodation ? À Lo Rey du lac, we make your wish come true by offering you the chance to spend a magical moment in one of our unusual accommodations in the Landes region of France. Hossegor. Transparent bubbletree house, futuristic geode, Finnish kota, caravan or safari tent await you on our estate, for an unforgettable experience. unusual night in comfortable accommodation. We are fortunate to be located in a magnificent south-western region, in an unspoilt environment of sand dunes and pine forests, with its feet in theocean and close to the Pyrenees. Without further ado, we’d like to reveal all the secrets of Lo Rey du lac’s unusual accommodations, nestled right in the heart of the Landes forest.

Lo Rey du lac was created in 2011 by Anne and Pascal Bahegne, eager to embark on a new professional adventure. After many years traveling the roads of France with their four children, Anne and Pascal returned to their homeland in 2010. They moved into the family home on the estate, an 18th-century Landes farmhouse full of charm and authenticity, and began renovations to open their bed and breakfast.

The first season is a success. Guests are won over by the services offered at Lo Rey du lac, the warm welcome of our hosts and the cosy comfort of our Bergère, Marie-Lucie and Suite Eugénie rooms. Pascal and Anne then dreamed of another project, just as exciting: reviving the family campsite, once located on their land. Twenty years ago, the Le Rey campsite closed its doors, after decades of activity and hundreds of campers with their tents and caravans who came to relax with their families in the Landes region every summer.

The dream materialized in 2013 with the opening of Lo Rey du lac’s first unusual accommodation: the bubble, an original concept, a little futuristic and totally avant-garde, since it was little known in France at the time. It’s a transparent bubble, permanently inflated by a blower system, offering a 180° view of the surrounding nature and, as the ultimate reward, an opening onto the starry sky. Lo Rey du lac has kept up the momentum, adding new and equally original structures year after year: the geode, the perched hut, the Finnish chalet or the trailer.

More than just a company, Lo Rey du lac is a true family adventure, and we do everything in our power to to your satisfaction. What’s important to us is to pass on a little of our history, every day, to our guests, to make them feel at home.

Our little corner of paradise in the South-West is the ideal place to treat yourself to a unusual romantic night or stay with your family. To begin with, some of you may not have heard of this new trend in atypical housing, which emerged a few years ago. So, what is unusual accommodation?

Unusual accommodation is characterized by an original architecture, an unconventional shape, or an original use that has been transformed into a bedroom. You’ll find inflatables and wooden structures in a variety of shapes and materials. Some constructions can be installed in trees, suspended, floating in the middle of a lake or in the middle of a mountain. Unusual and natural usually go hand in hand. The two elements work together: the home must blend in perfectly with its surroundings, without distorting them.

At Lo Rey du lac, we want to offer you the unique experience of relaxing in harmony with nature, in the exceptional setting of the Landes forest. We are extremely fortunate to live in the middle of an incredibly rich natural environment, and we want to share this opportunity with our guests. We would be delighted to welcome you for an unusual night or a longer stay, with your partner or family. You and your children can stay in one of our unusual accommodation for families.

Our structure offers accommodation luxuriousall comforts and fully equipped, decorated with taste and delicacy by Anne, a passionate interior decorator. We invite you to read  presentations of our learn more about their specific features and soak up their charm with our photographs.

Lovers of nature and greenery? You’ll be delighted. Want to top-of-the-range services and unrivalled comfort in a warm and cosy home? Lo Rey du lac’s unusual accommodations will fulfill all your expectations to perfection. We’ve taken great care over every detail to make your stay with us a dream you’ll remember for a long time.

You’ll have the pleasure of sleeping in a natural environment, where pines, oaks, brooms, lime trees, cork oaks, ferns, hollies, heathers and wild strawberries grow with the seasons. In summer, your accommodation benefits from natural protection from the heat, thanks to the shade provided by the trees.

Early in the morning, you’ll be delighted to see the forest’s inhabitants awake: birds will come singing to your window, and shy squirrels will come to the nearby tree to fetch their pine cones. Let yourself be enchanted by these unique moments in the heart of immersed in nature, they will give you a feeling of absolute relaxation.

Sleeping in an unusual accommodation in the forest doesn’t mean giving up all your comforts. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of luxury while enjoying your 
private spa
heated all year round and delicately scented with essential oils. We provide soft bathrobes, towels, tea and herbal teas, and a minibar. For the magic to take full effect, a 
fresh breakfast
 is delivered to your doorstep every morning, giving you the chance to share a crumb of your homemade brioche with the local wildlife!

We hope to have won you over with this presentation of our family structure and to have the chance to welcome you to share a little of our daily life. For more information on our availability and to book one of our If you’re looking for unusual accommodation in Hossegor, don’t hesitate to consult our online calendar.