Le “Petit” Lodge

Sleeping in a bubble under the stars

Spend a night in one of Lo Rey du Lac’s bubbles, and you’ll enjoy a celestial journey to the heart of nature. Under clear, starry skies, and sometimes under capricious, stormy ones, wrapped up in a cosy cocoon, you’ll discover an unforgettable experience where time seems suspended. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of this unusual night, when the stars become your dream companions.

Prices* for lodges: from 900€ per week – 150€ per weekend

*price for 4 people

900€ per week

  • April 5 to July 18 then
  • from September 1 to November 10.

1300€ per week

  • July 19 to August 31


150€ per night

Rental possible for a minimum of two nights, except in July and August

  • April 5 to June 28 then
  • from September 6 to November 10.

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what’s included in the service

Fully equipped

Oven, microwave …

For up to 4 people

1 master bedroom and 1 bedroom with bunk bed

Optional bed linen

For a light start

Frequently asked questions

The temperature in the Lodges is the same as outside, give or take a few degrees. We provide auxiliary heating in winter and a fan in summer.
No. However, it is possible to rent for 2 nights outside July and August.

The Lodges are open from April to October. Depending on the weather, we adapt our opening times to suit your needs.