SPAs and their use

We’ve always made a point of offering you the very best in comfort. That’s why, as soon as the first Bulle was created, a SPA Softub was installed. And that’s the case in all our couple accommodations. Our SPAs have a rigid structure, but are covered inside and out with insulating foam that’s pleasant to the touch.

Every day of the year, our SPAs are meticulously cleaned, and pH and chlorine levels are measured and adjusted to provide you with the best possible conditions on the day of your arrival. A little bonus: shortly before your arrival, we add a little essential oil.

We heat our SPAs all year round to a temperature of around 38°C. Pregnant women are strongly advised not to use the SPA.

If you still want to enjoy it, please let us know so that we can lower the operating temperature to 36°.

Using your SPA couldn’t be easier: we’ll explain how it works on arrival. An information sheet is also available in each accommodation.

A quick reminder: before any use, you must take a shower. We strongly advise against using it for more than 2 hours at a time.

  • Smoking, heat sources and sharp objects are strictly prohibited in or near the SPA.
  • SPAs are not recommended for pregnant women. In every personal situation, you need to have a doctor’s opinion in advance and tell us to lower the water temperature to 36°.
  • Children under 16 are not allowed to use the SPA.
  • The use of SPAs is forbidden in stormy weather.
  • It is strongly recommended not to do long sessions, never more than 2 hours, but rather several sessions in between (in the evening, early morning, etc.).
  • The SPA is a moment of relaxation, and we ask for the utmost discretion.

Yes, the SPAs are open and heated all year round.

SPAs are available in all couples accommodations, but not in lodges.

Yes, the SPAs are all heated as soon as the accommodation is rented out, so all year round for some. The water temperature averages 38°, a little higher in winter and a little lower in summer. They are insulated and particularly appreciated when the weather outside is cool or even cold.

The SPAs are cleaned and checked daily (checklist). The chosen treatment system uses chlorine, a principle that guarantees excellent water hygiene.